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June Newsletter

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Kelly's Korner

Summer is upon us. School has let out. Teachers can breathe again. Students have time and space. Softball and Baseball are well underway. The Olympics are coming.


What are your summer plans? Time away? Vacay or stay-cay? Maybe friends and family will visit you. Cool drinks on hot days. Are you a sunrise or sunset kind of person? Hopefully bad storms will stay away while we still have enough rain for the farmers. Heritage Days are just around the corner.


Summer is that time for slowing down. Appreciating good weather, and good other things and people in our lives. Slowing down gives us that time for true reflection.


Some of us like to stay busy. In the busy-ness of life, we don’t have time for thinking and reflecting. Sometimes, thoughts and reflections are painful.


In the joy of life, and even in life’s pain, God is with us. And we can be there for each other. Take time this summer. To be slower. To be thoughtful. To reconnect. Especially, to reconnect with God.


Happy Summer!


I am hoping that our reflective time will be enhanced by our worship in June. At the traditional service we will be considering Creation. Sermon titles will be Soil, Water, Air, Rock, and Fire. How do the elements of God’s creation fill our souls?


The Xperience sermon series is titled Reclaiming the Dark. The services will be influenced by Barbara Brown Taylor’s book, Learning to Walk in the Dark. Her premise is that goodness comes from the darkness around us, even though we have been taught to fear it.


Again, Happy Summer! I look forward to seeing you soon!!




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