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How long have you been apart of FCC?

  • We have been members of FCC for five years.

What do you enjoy most about FCC?

  • What we enjoy most about FCC is the overall friendly, loving, caring congregation. As well as Kelly's sermons and our focus on outreach! 

What are you involved with at FCC?

  • David was a former Trustee and Deacon. Martha has been apart of choir, a former board chair, as well as a Deacon. Dave and Martha are both current Elders as well as serving on the Evangelism committee. 

How did you first become involved at FCC?

  • "We were already members of a Disciples Church and loved the theology, so when we were looking for a church home, it was a very easy transition to Macomb. Being relatives with Jack helped too!"

What is one thing you would want others to know about FCC?

  • "We are an open arms church to ANYONE who is searching for a great church home. The fact that folks are so welcoming to all nationalities is fantastic!"

How would you describe FCC in one word?

  • David - Inclusive 

  • Martha - Welcoming

Why do you love FCC?

  • We love FCC because of the congregation, Kelly and Anne, as well as the programs and the fact that we are so open and accepting! 

Dave & Martha

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