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How long have you been apart of FCC?

  • I started in College, left, and have attended since Grad School in 1979. So almost 43 years for the last round! 

What do you enjoy most about FCC?

  • What I enjoy most about FCC is the fellowship! Whether it's food or projects, we are people who work well together. 

What are you involved with at FCC?

  • I am an elder, worship leader, children's moment speaker, and student of the bible in our classes. In the past I was a deacon, elder, chair of the board, chair of trustees, participant in the church book club, and much more! 

How did you first become involved at FCC?

  • I attended periodically in college and then when I came back to Grad School, a few friends of mine that attended here, called on me! 

What is one thing you would want others to know about FCC?

  • I want people to know we are an open and accepting group of people who have a concern for our community. 

How would you describe FCC in one word?

  • Open.

Why do you love FCC?

  • I love FCC because of our dedication to our neighbors, our love of God, and our willingness to put action with the ideals we hold. 


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