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How long have you been apart of FCC?

  • "I have been a member for over 25 years."

What do you enjoy most about FCC?

  • "I enjoy many things at FCC. I enjoy the fellowship with like minded people. I enjoy the many friendships developed over the years. I enjoy our services, and how Kelly makes each one so worthwhile. We are so blessed with Kelly’s leadership and ministries. I enjoy the music so much. We are so blessed in the music department, too. I enjoy the dinners especially Thanksgiving and Easter Breakfast. I enjoy the Fall Festival, and hope we can get that going full swing again soon.  I enjoy the opportunities to serve that are offered at FCC."

What are you involved with at FCC?

  • "Presently I am serving as an elder. This year I am serving as the chair. So far, I’m really enjoying this. I have served in many other capacities over the years. I was Christian Education Chair for a lot of years. I especially enjoyed coordinating and putting on a cooperative Bible School with First Baptist and First Presbyterian folks! Some of those were amazing and I think memorable!! They were for me at least. I have served as Vice-chair of the Board."

How did you first become involved at FCC?

  • "When my wife and I moved to Macomb in 1990, we began visiting churches. FCC was the friendliest and most solicits. I remember Joe and Mary Stipanowich visiting us at home with pamphlets in hand. They were the ones who helped us make the final decision to join FCC…Never one regret about that! The crowds were much larger then with the sanctuary nearly full!"

What is one thing you would want others to know about FCC?

  • "I want people to know how open we are to all kinds of people. Like Christ, I believe our church is very accepting of everyone. I’m really proud of this about us! I would not be afraid to bring anyone to a service at FCC. Everyone has always been friendly and accepting toward visitors.  I can’t say that about all churches. I would want people to know about the Experience service. The times that I have been able to attend has been so special. I really wish I could attend this service on a more regular basis. It’s just such a beautiful service."

How would you describe FCC in one word?

  • "The one word I would use to describe FCC is Awesome."

Why do you love FCC?

  • "I love FCC for all the things I already mentioned, and for the many many things not mentioned. But mainly, it just feels like home. I am so comfortable at FCC. I feel like God truly dwells among us there. I feel like I have been touched by the Spirit every time I leave a service. It is so peaceful and calming to my just feels right!"


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