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     In Near to the Heart of God, Cleeland Boyd McAfee and Katharine McAfee Parker write Being thankful is something…Giving thanks is more…Making thankful is still more.

    What are the things and people and memories for which you are thankful? The authors suggest that holding such goodness inside our hearts and souls is good. But, it is personal and private, which is fine to a point. Being thankful is important. Yet, there can be more.

     Giving thanks takes an action. Someone holds a door open for you, do you respond thankfully? Walking out of your doctor’s office or away from a cashier at the grocery, do you thank them for the help they have provided? If your spouse cooks a meal, is it an expectation or a gift? A friend goes out of their way to help you, no doubt you say Thank You! Speaking the words is important, even to, especially to God.

     What do our authors mean by saying that making thankful is the best stage of thankfulness? They write: Being thankful may have in it a spirit of selfishness, giving thanks may develop a spirit of pride, but making thankful, enriching someone else’s life, is sure to save one from selfishness and pride…it is better for seeing to it that someone else is thankful. How do you insure that someone is thankful? What do you do for others? What feelings develop inside you by making thankful? According to McAfee and Parker, it is this type of living that deepens and strengthens our spirit of thanksgiving.        So, friends, your spirit of thanksgiving must be deeper and stronger these days. The kind words and beautiful cards you sent to Anne and me in October were quite simply overwhelming. Thank you for saying thank you to your pastor. I am fortunate to work alongside all of you to create meaningful ministries and significant friendships with each other and God that sustain us in the difficult times of life and are even joyfilled in the celebratory moments. We are blessed to have found each other over 7 years ago. May we continue to be blessed in the years to come. Thanks again for being a “making thankful” people.

Peace, Kelly

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24—10:30 Luke 15:3-6 Farmer’s Joy


1—10:30  Matthew 24:44 Unexpected Light

8—10:30 Matthew 3: 11-12 Preparing for Light

15—10:30 Matthew 11:2-6 Wonders of Light

22—10:30 Matthew 1: 18-21 Joseph and the Light

24—Luke 2:8-16 Christmas Light

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24—John 6:32-35 Never Hungry


1—Romans 15:13 Light of Hope 

8—Luke 2:76-79 Peace Light

15—Psalm 16:7-11 Light of Joy

22—1 John 4:15-19 Love is Light

24—Luke 2:8-16 Christmas Light

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