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First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
120 N. McArthur Macomb, Illinois
(309) 837-6473

October 3, 2013

World Communion Sunday


October 6, 2013


Reconciliation Offering


October 13, 2013



As I write this, the government is in shut down mode. People are out of work. National parks are closed. Sporting events cannot take place at military academies.  Democrats and Republicans are unable to work through their differences to relieve the situation. People seem to be angry, disillusioned or, at the very least, dissatisfied with the job our politicians are doing.


These actions cement the feelings that the middle ground in our country is being lost. Cooperation and teamwork are ideas lost to individual gain which insures that “I” win. Such concepts are not what Jesus taught.


When the disciples argue over who is greater, Jesus reminds them “whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant.” He teaches that the wealthy are to sell their possessions and give the proceeds to the poor. Jesus, in John’s gospel, welcomes the disciples to Passover by kneeling before them and washing their feet—not the role the teacher is to perform for his disciples.


Later during this meal, Jesus will speak words that we as members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) repeat around the table every week. This is my body given for you…This is blood shed for you…Each time you eat this bread and drink this cup, remember me. Not all denominations and churches take communion or repeat these words weekly. Yet, this is a different week. On Sunday, October 6 we will participate in World Communion Sunday. This is a time when Christians from all types of background all over the world will partake in communion to promote unity.


For those of us who are Christian in the US, the timing is perfect. May we truly find unity as we gather around the table.


Peace, Kelly


Sermon Date

Sermon Title


October 6

United at the Table

Luke 17: 5-10


Festival of the Creche


For the past seven years, “Festival of the Creche” has been held at our church. This event takes place the first weekend in December during Dickens on the Square. Members of the congregation are asked to bring one or all of their nativity scenes to the church to be displayed in the sanctuary and parlor. No nativity scene is too small, too big, or too old. The event is open to the public with free admission.


There will be a meeting on Wednesday, October 16 at 3:00 p.m. to make plans for this event. If you are interested in helping, please attend this meeting.


If you are interested in helping and cannot attend the meeting, please contact: (837 4406) or email:

Reconciliation Offering:  October 13, 2013


The 2013 Reconciliation Offering will be received at First Christian Church on October 13, 2013.


The Special Offering is used to fund our Church’s mission priority to become an pro-reconciling/ anti-racist church through experiential education, inclusive
worship and intentional dialogue across racial/ethnic difference. Funds from this offering provide for leadership development in our camps, our communities and our congregations as well as providing resources to promote small group study and community-action.


Your giving is changing lives and building hope for the realm of God for our children and for Christ's Church!


A special offering envelope will be included with next week’s newsletter.

Capital Campaign Report - Sunday, September 29, 2013


On Sunday evening at the wiener roast & burgoo gathering, we were pleased to announce a preliminary pledge total to our Capital Campaign of $256,398!


This is a fantastic response to our request for capital funds to remodel and repair our building. Thanks to everyone who helped in any way to achieve this goal!


Annetta reports that she is still receiving pledges in the mail; if you have not submitted one and you would like to, just mail it to the office or drop it into the Sunday morning offering plate.


A final grand total will be announced soon.


Dan Reed & Mary Stipanowich

Thanks for Caring


Carolee Sellers has shared the following letter with us:


On behalf of Newtown Congregational Church, UCC, the community of Newtown, and all those affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy in any way, we would like to thank you for your expression of concern.


We are grateful that you have reached out to us in our time of need and praise God for your compassion and caring. We appreciate the large box of stuffed toys for the children of Sandy Hook School. We have passed them on to them and we are sure that they will be very much appreciated and will help to comfort them.


Please continue to pray for our church and our entire Newtown Community.


Blessings to you


The Staff and Members


Church History


Two scrapbooks are on display in the parlor that contain church history of First Christian.


They contain information and pictures from the late 1940s to the mid- 1990s. Much of the information also has is about Christian Women’s Fellowship.
I will leave them in the parlor for a couple of weeks for you to peruse if you are interested.


Mary Stipanowich


FCC Fall Festival


Preparations are being made to make this a wonderful time. Many activities are being planned for children and adults.  See below for schedule of events.


The Evangelism Committee will be distributing flyers to Macomb businesses. Our committee is small, so we are asking for help with distribution.


If you are available, we will meet at the church on Monday, October 5, at 5:30 P.M. to receive flyers and instructions.


Please support this event by helping on October 5 and through the week of October 21. The events will be held in our own parking lot.


Nancy Reed & The Evangelism Comm


Save the dates!


Pumpkin Sale (while supplies last)
October 21-27th 5:30-7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, October 23
 5:30-7:30 p.m. FREE Family Activities
 (Fire Engine for children, story time with Mayor Inman, Ukulele (sing-a-long)


Friday, October 25
5:30-7:30 p.m. Games for All Ages!
Variety of games, face painting, stained glass and potter’s wheel demonstration. The evening will close with Trunk or Treat

Saturday,October 26
10:00 a.m.- noon Inflatable Bounce Houses, Petting Zoo, Cornhole, Caramel Apples, Cotton Candy and more!
6:00 p.m. Surprise guest will perform as votes are tallied.


Sunday, October 6, 2013


Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost


Sermon Title:


United at the Table




Luke 17: 5-10


Lectionary Readings:    


Lamentations 1:1-6; 3:19-26
Psalm 137
Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4
Psalm 37:1-9
II Timothy 1:1-14


SERVING THIS WEEK OF October 6, 2013


Worship Leader:


Bob Chatterton




Chris Zimmerman (bread); Tim Adams (cup)





Bev Drake, Rachel Bliven, Gail Randall, Rod Burg, Nita Burg, Sherri Wagner











Rod Burg

Central East


Nita Burg

Balcony South


Collin Reed



Gail Randall


Sanctuary Superintendent(s):


Rod and Nita Burg


Soundboard Tech:


Tim Adams


Children's Moment:


Patti Jones


Children's Church:


Jack McKinnon


Coffee Fellowship Time:


Joyce Randall


Hospital Caller(s):


Chris Zimmerman


Sunday Morning Office Staff:


Patti Jones


Financial Escort:


Ron Vaughn


Weekly Calendar


Sunday, October 6


Eric Reed opens/closes church
Eric Reed drive(s) van
8:30 AM Prayer Group
9:00 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Coffee Fellowship
10:30 AM Worship
5:00 PM Youth Group


Monday, October 7


5:30 PM Evangelism


Tuesday, October 8


7:00 PM DW


Wednesday, October 9


6:30 PM - Choir Rehearsal


Sunday, October 13


Rod Burg opens/closes church
Rod/Nita Burg drive(s) van
8:30 AM Prayer Group
8:30 AM Prayer Group
9:00 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Coffee Fellowship
10:30 AM Worship
5:00 PM Youth Group


Birthdays and Anniversaries


5 Doris Allen
12 Barbara Markley

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