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First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
120 N. McArthur Macomb, Illinois
(309) 837-6473

October 31, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner


November 10, 2013

6:00 PM

Fellowship Hall


The Disciples Women will host the annual Thanksgiving Dinner on November 10 at 6:00 PM in Fellowship Hall.


Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, noodles, dressing, rolls, and drinks will be provided. Please bring your own table service and a vegetable, salad and/or dessert to share.


We have added a new event this year: Silent Auction. There will be five baskets in the Parlor on November 3 and 10 to bid on; we will take them to Fellowship Hall during the dinner. Each basket will go to the highest bidder. A basket will be made by each group of the Disciples Women. 20% of the money made on the baskets will go to the Salvation Army and 80% will help with the cabinetry to be purchased for the south kitchen wall.


Make a reservation on the Friendship Register for this dinner. Just put a number beside your name and we will know it is a reservation for the dinner.


You won’t want to miss it!




...Zacchaeus was a wee little man, But a happy man was he, For he had seen the Lord that day, And a happy man was he!


As we turn our attention away from fear and begin to look forward toward thankfulness, the lectionary scriptures provide a perfect segue.  We get the story of Zacchaeus.  Do you remember him?  Do you remember the song (last verse above)?  He is a short man.  His job is that of tax collector.  His job was to take money from the fellow Jews, take his cut and give the rest to the Romans.  I wonder if people were afraid of him.  I wonder if he was afraid of those who might hate him or try to rob him.  


Upon his unique encounter with Jesus, Zacchaeus is changed.  He promises to help the poor and re-pay those he may have defrauded four times the amount.  Zacchaeus is a changed man.  And Jesus tells him that salvation has come to his house.  That is something for which to be thankful!


What types of enounters with Jesus of God have you had?  What divine moments have shaped or re-shaped your life?  In our day to day lives, it is often hard to be open to such experiences.  Yet, it is such experiences that deepen our faith.  Admittedly, going away on mission trip or retreat makes it much easier to see God face to face, to know Jesus more clearly.  But it is the strengthening of our daily faith in our own homes and in our hometown that makes God more real to us.  When we are strong in faith, people find God through us.  Salvation can come and we can be thankful!  


Whether it be more devotion, more prayer, more listening, more mission and service, more worship, or more study (or anything more which adds to our spiritual growth) may God be more real to us.  And through us, to others.  


Peace, Kelly


Sermon Date

Sermon Title


November 3, 2013

A Wee Little Man

Luke 19:1-10


Homemade Candy Sale


9:30 AM Sunday November 17 in the Parlor


It is time to buy your holiday candy!  Disciple Women will have a homemade candy sale in the parlor on Sunday, November 17 at 9:30 AM.


Thank You


Thank you all for the beautiful flowers sent in my mother (Enid Gibble's) honor.  She would have been quite happy to be remembered in this way.  The church and the folks inside were important friends when she lived in Macomb.


Roberta Whipple

FCC Fall Festival


We wish to thank all those involved in the Fall Festival!  Your countless hours of planning, preparation, and volunteering/participating really paid off.  We had so many people join us over the course of the week.  It was really exciting.  If you have any suggestions, please write to Shannon Reed, Karen Chatterton, or Kelly Ingersoll.  An evaluation meeting will occur sometime in November and your thoughts are appreciated.  We hope to have a power point presentation during the fellowship time for all to see the wonderful events.  Thanks again to everyone!


Fall Back


Daylight savings time is upon us.  Remember to "fall back" and re-set your clocks on Saturday so you can show up to church on time Sunday!


Samaritan Well


Our church has supported Samaritan Well, Inc. for many years as one of our local outreach mission projects.   We offer the rent-free use of our property next to the church for the men's shelter.  The first two Sundays in November, we will again be doing the "Thankful for a Home" drive.  On November 3, the Director of Samaritan Well, Cynthia Stiffler, will speak briefly at the Sunday morning service, to give an update on the men and women/children's shelter.  A brochure insert that morning in the church bulletin will also explain the program. 


Collection baskets will be in the Parlor on November 3 and 10, as well as at the Disciples Women's Thanksgiving Dinner on the evening of November 10.  The Disciples Women will be donating the proceeds from the free-will offering taken that night to help support the Samaritan Well mission.  The following items are especially needed at this time:  


Paper Towel

Dishwasher detergent

Aluminum Foil

Toilet Paper 13-Gallon Trash Bags

Laundry Detergent

Dryer Sheets

All-purpose Cleaner

Snack, Quart & Gallon Ziploc Bags

Cotton Balls


Monetary Donations


Our continued support has helped many women and men in this region regain their footing and lead successful lives.  Thank you for your contributions!


Nita Burg & Jan Rockwell

Samaritan Well Board Members


From the Church Secretary


We need to clarify some details as you begin giving to the Captial Campaign.  


When the books are audited, I need to be concerned about a couple of things:  I need to be sure that all funds that are designated for a specific purpose are entered that way in the records and spent for the designated item.  So, when you are giving to the Capital Campaign, please make sure the envelope is marked appropriately.  Please don't say your giving is for the Building Fund.  I realize as we try to use up envelopes that have been purchased previously that some have space for Building Fund, some say Capital Campaign, some say Other.  If your envelope doesn't have a space for Capital Campaign, please write it in.  


The counters and I cannot assume that any amount above your regular giving is for the Capital Campaign, even though you may have "pledged" that amount weekly or montly.  


I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes us; however, we need to remain in IRS compliance!  


Thank you for helping me out in this endeavor.  It is an exciting time to be in ministry here!




Come Home 2013 Thanksgiving Offering


Special Days in the life of the church often allow us to focus our worship, celebrations and fellowship around moments that are central to our Faith.  


Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings also provide an opportunity to highlight specific ministries as part of our faith celebrations.  There are four Disciples Mission Fund Special Day Offerings received each year during the Easter, Pentecost, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons.  Each offering supports a specific ministry providing critical resources.  


The Thanksgiving Offering provides direct support to Disciples colleges, universities and theological institutions.  Disciples have a long history of post-secondary and theological education.  This offering provides a direct connection to 14 colleges or universities, 3 seminaries and 4 seminary foundations/divinity houses.  Gifts from the Disciples Mission Fund Thanksgiving offering continue a Disciples tradition of developing leaders for our communities and the church.  


For generations thousands of students have attended the colleges and universities of the DOC, receiving both a quality educaiton and the opportunity to remain within our Disciple's heritage.  The Thanksgiving Offering helps continue this tradition.  


The Thanksgiving Offering benefits the colleges, universities, seminaries and divinity houses affiliated with the DOC.  Your support provides young people the opportunity to COME HOME to a Disciples institution.  The Thanksgiving Offering will be accepted at FCC on November 17 and 24.  


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost


Sermon Title:

A Wee Little Man



Luke 19:1-10


Lectionary Readings:    

Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4
Psalm 119:137-144
Isaiah 1:10-18
Psalm 32:1-7
II Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12


SERVING THIS WEEK OF November 3, 2013

Worship Leader:

Jack McKinnon



Mike Drake (bread); Janet Shank (cup)




Bev Drake, Rachel Bliven, Gail Randall, Bob Sherwood, Betty Sherwood, Sherri Wagner



Chris Dace, Linda Dace, Maddie Dace



Linda Ward, Pauline Dunn, Sam Shields




Rod Burg


Central East

Nita Burg


Balcony South

Collin Reed



Gail Randall


Sanctuary Superintendent(s):

Rod and Nita Burg


Soundboard Tech:

Tim Adams


Children's Moment:

Connie Workman


Children's Church:

Alex Adams


Coffee Fellowship Time:

Sam & Phyllis Shield - Birthday Cake


Hospital Caller(s):

Mary Stipanowich


Sunday Morning Office Staff:

Janet Shank


Finacial Escort

Dean Rockwell


Weekly Calendar

Sunday, November 3

Eric Reed opens/closes church
Eric Reed drives the van
8:30 AM Prayer Group
9:00 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Coffee Fellowship
10:30 AM Worship

1:30 PM Shut-in Communion

Elders:  Char Carden, Jean Moore

Deacons:  Larry Ellis, Anne Ingersoll


Monday, November 4

5:30 PM Evangelism
6:00 PM Trustees


Tuesday, November 5

7:00 PM DW Executive Board


Wednesday, November 6

6:30 PM Choir Rehearsal


Sunday, November 10

Rod Burg opens/closes church
Rod/Nita Burg drives the van
8:30 AM Prayer Group
9:00 AM Sunday School
10:00 AM Coffee Fellowship
10:30 AM Worship
6:00 PM Thanksgiving Dinner


Birthdays and Anniversaries

4 Barbara Blevins

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